Our tankers move fuel. But it’s our people that really deliver. The relationships and trust we’ve built up built over many years is what has created the reputation that people rely on...

We operate in an unpredictable environment. It’s when things go wrong – whether it's a government whim that leads to a change of law or an unforeseen natural disaster – that the real strength of Strauss comes to the fore.

It’s no secret that the vital link in our systems is human. And while you can buy the latest trucks, invest in the latest technology and employ the slickest sales teams, it’s the relationships and trust built up over the years that really makes the difference; the trust and experience that comes into play when you have to respond to a crisis. Our people are dedicated to delivering on promises that go beyond written contracts to something deeper and more personal. It’s a trust that is part of the Strauss DNA and reaches every level of our organisation. When it comes to dedication to delivering fuel, you’ll find it's our people that will go that little bit further.

Rely on our network. Put trust in our people.

Senior Management

Darren da Silva, Chief Operating Officer
Darren da Silva, Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer: Darren has been at the helm of Strauss Logistics since December 2011. He has over 19 years’ experience in the Motor and Transport Industry. Darren reports directly to the Board of Directors and has day-to-day responsibility for the running of the company.

Darren has a “hands on? approach to management and is driven to delivering success through disciplined leadership and building an incredible team spirit. He and his team are wholly dedicated to delivering a World Class service to customers coupled with reporting solid results for the business.

He has broad experience of the Industry and excels across all roles that include sales management, business operations, people management, strategic alliances and general management.

Through his vision and leadership skills, Strauss Logistics has become the transporter of choice for all Majors in the Fuel industry and is now seen as a “benchmark? of excellence by our competitors.


  • Increasing market share
  • Performance turnaround & delivering sustainable growth
  • Inspiring, motivating and leading large, high performance teams
  • Strategic planning skills with the operational discipline to deliver measurable results
  • Strong communications skills, comfortable at every level of the organisation
  • Adept in complex. challenging, high-pressure situations and dealing with executives.
Iona Fallon, Chief Finance Officer
Iona Fallon, Chief Finance Officer

Iona is a qualified Chartered Accountant (Zimbabwe). She has spent over 20 years in the audit and accountancy profession, culminating in becoming the Deputy Managing Partner of KPMG Zimbabwe, a worldwide leader in the accountancy profession. She has subsequently held positions of finance director and CFO positions both locally and internationally in the Aviation, Investment Banking, Petroleum and Transport industries.

Brennah Ncube, Road Operations Manager
Brennah Ncube, Road Operations Manager

Brennah has a wealth of operational and logistics knowledge and experience in moving liquid bulk petroleum products across the Central and Southern African region. He has over 5 years in road transport and logistics and is the man who gets all deliveries done in a timely manner to exceed all our clients' expectations throughout the region. He thrives in a complex environment as evidenced by consistent results and his hunger to achieve more.

Brennah is motivated by the success of his department which contributes significantly towards the well-being of Strauss.


  • A versatile team player
  • Leads by example
  • Goal getter in complex environment
  • Strong communication skills.