At Strauss we acknowledge the important role fuel distribution plays and know that our mission is not just about moving petrol and fuelling business. Our purpose is to keep the economy... and life... flowing.

Lifeblood of business...

At Strauss Logistics we know better than anyone what fuel means to the economy. In 2005 the Zimbabwean economy had no foreign currency, could not import oil and business was beginning to grind to a halt.

Many businesses were at risk and demand led to a huge growth in people and businesses entering the petroleum fuel market. This unprecedented growth came at a time when the country was beginning to experience high inflation followed by hyperinflation. The market became unregulated and many unscrupulous traders and transporters sought to take advantage of the lack of standards.

In early 2010, following the dollarization of the economy, Strauss saw an opportunity for a quality and standards driven company to enter the fuel trading and logistics market.

It was from this inspired measure that Strauss Logistics was born.

Today over 40% of African industry relies on petroleum. Without fuel it’s not just industry that falters. Life is disrupted too. The internet may be revolutionising the way we do business, but products still have to be delivered. People still have to travel to work. It’s at the centre of everything we make, or do. It’s vital to almost every industry – from agriculture, to transport, to medicine to tourism and leisure.

We keep industry flowing...

From those early days at Strauss, we realized the crucial role that continuous, efficient fuel delivery can play in the African economy.

It’s not just about moving things efficiently from A to B. It’s about creating a system that provides a constant flow of fuel that can respond to every demand. It’s about making every element of that system – from roads to rail links to ports – work in harmony. To this end we have built a fleet of rail and road tankers to connect vital transport links. We sought our own customised fleet of trucks in China and invested in a dedicated maintenance centre that keeps our vehicles on the road reducing breakdowns to a minimum. Above all, we created a satellite system that feeds back vital information in real time and enables us to respond to issues instantly and keep our network moving as it should.

We keep life flowing....

Just like a healthy circulation in the human body, every element can impact on the system as a whole. A fuel delivery network can have consequences that go beyond petrol retail outlets and industrial operations. Wholesale petroleum products keep vehicles and industry in motion, but ultimately impact on the everyday lives of ordinary people.

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